Terms and Conditions


  • "Custom Products" refer to products that are personalized or specially made to order for the company's needs.
  • "We" or "Company" refers to PT Kusuma Megah Perdana.
  • "You" or "Client" refers to the company or organization placing a custom product order with us.

Consultation and Quotation:

  • The process of ordering custom products begins with in-depth consultation with our team to understand your company's needs and requirements.
  • We will provide a price quotation and estimated production time based on the agreed-upon specifications.

Payment and Payment Terms

  • Payment for custom products must be made according to the agreed-upon payment terms.
  • An initial payment may be required before production begins, and full payment must be completed before delivery.

Order Changes

  • Once an order is confirmed, changes to custom product specifications may not be possible if it has entered the production stage.
  • Changes requested after order confirmation will be evaluated by our team, and additional charges or production delays may apply.

Returns and Replacements

  • Produced and delivered custom products cannot be returned or replaced unless there is a significant manufacturing defect caused by us.
  • Claims for replacement or return must be submitted within 7 days of receiving the product.

Quality Guarantee:

  • We guarantee that the custom products we produce will meet high-quality standards and the agreed-upon specifications.
  • The quality guarantee does not cover damage caused by misuse or mishandling of the product.

Intellectual property rights

  • Intellectual property rights for custom designs and products remain with us unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.
  • Clients are not allowed to use, reproduce, or distribute custom designs and products without written permission from us.


  • We will make every effort to meet the agreed-upon delivery deadlines.
  • However, we are not responsible for delays caused by events beyond our control, such as natural disasters, production disruptions, or logistical issues.


  • We will maintain the confidentiality of information and design details provided by the Client during the ordering process.
  • This information will not be shared with third parties without written consent from the Client.

Termination of Order

  • We reserve the right to terminate a custom product order for any reason if necessary, with prior notice.
  • If we decide to terminate an order, the Client will be notified, and payments will be refunded according to the amount already paid.

Applicable law

These terms and conditions are governed by Indonesian law, and any disputes arising will be resolved in the competent court.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

  • We have the right to change these terms and conditions in line with our company policy.
  • Changes will be communicated to the Client if there are revisions to the T&C.

By proceeding with the custom product ordering process with us, the Client is deemed to have read, understood, and agreed to these terms and conditions. Please contact us if you have further questions about custom products or the above terms and conditions.